Famous Last Words

Most of you know me for my writing. I'm going to be honest about that. I can write well and I know it. No bragging intended. Here's a little something I wrote over the summer:

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If you look closely, you'll notice that I wrote that around the time I began my G-Ri oneshot marathon last summer. It's probably what motivated me to do so. And it's true that I've gotten part of what I wanted. I earned the respect from you readers, and I've met so many new friends. I love all of you so much, but I have to say that this is where I stop. I'm not stopping because of the inferiority complex that I still have in me. I'm not stopping because of the lack of time I have in my hands. I'm stopping because of an entirely different reason. I can't really say what it is, but I hope you understand by reading this:

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I hope, I really hope, that you understand. Yes, I lied. Yes, I'm not who you think I am. You all praised and loved someone entirely fictional. I'm sorry. That's why I'm putting an end to my lie and leaving. I won't delete my account, but I won't be coming here anymore. I love you all so much. If you hate me for this, I understand. I hate myself well enough. Goodbye everyone, and take care always.



Now I Know

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AN: No specific pairing for this, simply because I want all of you to enjoy it. Think of your own persona for this, any pairing at all. Please tell me how you feel about this one, because I'd love to know. Also, please read the post I will be posting in a little while; it's an important matter.

Black and White Exaggeration

I haven't been going on here much, but I'm sure you can all see that. I've stopped writing because of many reasons. I can't think of plots; I can't focus on writing; plus you guys already have the many other stories that other writers post. You don't need mine. I can't say that I'll stop writing fanfics once and for all, but I'm getting close to that.

Maybe this fanfic writing thing just isn't for me. I've read so many wonderful fanfics over the summer and now I'm too exhausted (not to mention ashamed) to read the ones recently posted on the comms. Oh well.

It's been more than once that the thought of explaining who I am and saying goodbye to all of you has come across my mind. I can't do it. I really can't. But I don't want to stay this way. Not anymore. I'll figure out something soon--what ever might happen, someone has to get hurt, and let's hope that won't be any one of you. Because I love you guys too much to hurt you.

Moving on. I played around with Photoshop again today. I tried something that I got from a friend of mine. I first did it with a sample picture, then I did it to some old photos of the Kpop boys.

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And yeah. That's all for me today, and probably for another long time.


Writer's Block: Good Days and Bad Days

What is your least favorite day of the week? And your favorite?
OHEMJEE I just had to answer this. LOL
Anyway. My least favorite day is (duh) Monday. It's not like I dislike waking up early and dragging my butt to school and sitting in class all day and coming home to more work. Okay, maybe I do. Just a little bit. As far as I've been through, this first year of high school isn't really much of a piece of cake. I'm just glad to say that I'm still managing well, despite the obvious stress that has overcome me.
And my absolute favorite day of the week is, of course, none other than FRIDAY! Each week, I look forward to Fridays; a break from school, time to do anything I want (but not to neglect homework), and a weekend for me to stay home. I feel like I'm always so exhausted by Friday. Looking at it positively, I guess that just means that I'm exerting effort in school. That's good, right?

Anyway. I'll add my updates in this post.
Today's the end of my week! We've got a long weekend, in commemoration of Sir Ninoy Aquino, Jr. This week, as I've mentioned before, was my exam week. I'm totally freaked out and I'm afraid of my test results. Let's pray for the best, ne?

GAAAAAHD I miss you guys! I'm just so happy that I decided to ask for a few requests yesterday; especially since I was actually able to come up with two for the day. Whew. :D

MAI, CINDY, UNNI. I hella miss you! I've only been able to speak with haelin unni really recently, but I still miss the three of you! I'm sorry I haven't been checking up lately. Mai, I know you've got new awesome updates, and I promise to read them ASAP. Cindy, how are you doing? Unni, get your rest, okay? I know you're s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d, and so are the rest of us, but let's do our best.

SeungRi <3

Procrastination Won't Hurt

I have my History book on my lap, but my focus is here as I type this. One last test to go, that would be History, and I'm frightened as hell. It's not that I'm bad at it, but I always disliked having to memorize dates and facts and a bunch of other stuff. Couldn't History be pure application as well, like Science and Algebra? I enjoyed those tests, but I now I don't want to study anymore.

So. Today's the day, right? Everyone's beloved Kwon Ji Yong's birthday. And the release of his solo album, if I'm not mistaken. I doubt I'll be able to write a story for him today, so I'm sorry.

I've been so out of the LJ loop. I haven't read fanfics in weeks and I don't even know what's up with you guys these days. I'm not feeling very well right now (and that's not just because of exams) but I hope you're all okay. Miss you lots, everyone!

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